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Question 1.. We want people to have stake in company. Are you willing to invest?

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No. (end of interview).

Most startups need capital which is understandable and fair. They need investors. Correction of the question "Tauro want people who will invest money". Tauro is looking for investors because the companies couldn't find investors themselves. The trickery is when they advertise Board roles but need you to invest. I was asked only one question in 4 mins interview. Are you willing to invest? I said yes - in time; if I see results. I got the job. They want you to invest on day 1. When I said no. It got ugly with attacks. Their client was rather nice.

Situational questions

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Why are you looking for a change?

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I expected that the job would be FX Artist but the job was Lighting TD and FX TD mixed together as ILM has fx td's and Lighting TD's as the same job, called TD. In every company different software is used so this isn't relevant at ILM as they use proprietary 3D software. However you must be at your A game at film level work with the standard render engines and compositing applications, like Maya, Nuke, Renderman, Arnold, etc.

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Why BlueScale?

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Can't remember. Oh yes, 'what was my view of the role'?

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Tell me about a time when you had a team-member that was struggling with motivation.

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are you willing to go to unpaid meeting

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How do you deal with difficult people

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