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A overhead transmission line is going over fields. There is no substations or any transformers nearby. How do you understand the voltage level of the transmission line?

2 Answers

A friction less ball is put on a infinite perfectly horizontal smooth table. Say about its stability and draw its pole in complex plane.

By counting the number of insulators.... Each insulator petticoat is of 11kv so count the total number

They asked about my short term and long term goals.

1 Answer

What ANZ?

1 Answer

I am going to mention 3 other candidates that you met today. Tell us whether you would bring them back for the final interview or not, and why...

1 Answer

Give an example of how you successfully handled a conflict within a team.

1 Answer

Are you a hard worker?

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Why would you want to work here?

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How did you hear about Meltwater and Why are you interested in sales?

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