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How many 9's of availability are required?

3 Answers

For what?

As many 9's as the customer wants it to be!

S3 data storage 99.99% for Standard 99.9% for Standard - Infrequent Access 99.99% for Reduced Redundancy Storage 99.999999999% for Durability

What is CD?

2 Answers

What is "MQTT"?

2 Answers

How would I approach a legacy system?

1 Answer

What is unit testing? How do I go about writing a unit test? Do I focus a unit test on a class or a method? Would I write one or more tests per method? What are some unit testing frameworks?

1 Answer

What is Dependency Injection? How would I go about using it in "day to day programming"?

1 Answer

Explain your DevOps practices in past organisation

1 Answer

Tell me your salary 7 years ago?

1 Answer
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