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This job is not 9 to 5 and very stressful and you sure you can do this?

6 Answers

Yes! (desperate need a job for as a graduate)

I took a job here as well because i needed one as a graduate. I kept looking and found a much better job a few weeks later.

Anyone care to elaborate more on the interview process? Cheers

Write a program to print all the palindromes in a given string

2 Answers

Basic QA Skills along with basic programming skills questions

1 Answer

Describe a technical project that you've worked on

1 Answer

STAR based questions

1 Answer

No specific questions surrounding the role and/or its benefits were brought up. The recruiter glossed over my resume which was already described in great detail to them in the initial phone call. The recruiter then proceeded to discuss their own work experience, nationality and willingness to work 'extra hard' to ensure my CV was put forward for the role in which I was applying for. Eight weeks after applying for the original position, no further information has been provided and or/or update provided to a potential start date. The recruiter instead continually blames the 'company recruiting for the role' as being lazy and non-responsive in relation to job details. All updates provided have been as a response of e-mails or phone calls to the Sydney office with the recruiter not once proactively providing a response themselves.

1 Answer

If I liked the place and could see my self working there

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here? What do you do for fun?

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Tell about a time you had a conflict at work and how did it get resolved? Tell me about yourself? Give details about the first job and your responsibilities? About a time when you worked under pressure and how did you handle it? All the questions were basically competency based questions, they dig a lot on my first job as it was kinda mixed role.

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What is the fastest way to find an element on a page?

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