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Why do you want to work at Olympus?

3 Answers

If I knew how dopey the Nurse Director and Queen B are that run the joint there is not a chance in hell I would ever consider working for Olympus, it is such a toxic environment and eventually it will all hit the fan when the Japanese realise what a mistake they have made having these people at the helm of the Titanic. come in Stryker

The answer is... No amount of money could make any want to work at Olympus. It's a vile toxic mess of a company and you wouldn't have to hunt for too long to find someone who is scarred for life from working there. With the number of medical device companies out there, there is no reason to ever consider working for this company. Disgraceful. The number of people they have paid out to keep quiet is criminal. Don't do it to yourself if you have any integrity, credibility or even 3 brain cells - you'll be smarter than the entire leadership team put together.

I agree with the above comments 100%, you wont have to look far to find someone who has worked there in the "toxic" culture/environment and not been affected by the Senior Management Team in place with the Puppet MD getting his strings etc. pulled by HR.

What is your ethnic background?

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Why I wanted to make such a dramatic change from my previous role

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What do you do outside of work?

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I was quizzed about prince2 project management methodologies.. how I could apply this methodology to a small project

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One question that was repeated over and over was ethics.

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Why should we hire you?

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Why woudl you be a good X?

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Focussed mostly on my experience, specifically on the size and scale of projects I had been involved in.

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How do you perceive yourself in the eyes of those who work with you?

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