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Why do you want to work for us

1 Answer

Cause noone else was hiring

experience, values, company details, case study

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How would you engage key stakeholders, managing their competing priorities and differing personality types?

No really difficult questions were asked - the interview was pretty standard for a recruitment company, e.g how much did you bill? how big was your team? whao are your clients? talk us through your sales plan, difficult customers, conflict in workplace, engagement of employees, drivers, self assessment etc.

Describe a situation you needed to exceed your performance in order to meet the lines.

General experience questions, capability statement provided to the recruitment agency so interviewer already had a good understanding of my skills and experience

Interviewed for team manager role for a specialist team. Had not worked in the specialist function myself (came with leadership experience and general knowledge of the area). Was asked highly technical questions that were difficult to answer in any great detail.

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