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Very few questions, interview consisted of COO running through their qualifications, history, and self-evaluation of own performance highly narcissistic.

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Sought to obtain company detail of vision and values, the response was COO s personal future expectations.

Yes , totally accurate , my experience was the same. COO kept referring to "Quals" as most important and constantly referring to her "Quals" which subsequently proved to be a figment of imagination. An overpromoted cleaner at a company takeover.

I got the job... but couldn't in hindsight say it was due to my interview skills , the COO was only interested in lording her "skills" achievements and qualifications.

He said Uber X was not available in Adelaide, and asked how I found Uber Black

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Scenario of site inspection faced with aggressive client. How do you manage the situation? What if they offer your partner free products or money during site visit and you see it but your partner doesn't know you saw it. How do you respond?

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Just the normal questions about the position to see if you had the necessary qualifications and to test your knowledge on job specific requirements.

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Talk us through the month end process and how would you forecasting

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What made you apply for a role at VMIA?

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Let me come back to your outsourcing experience again, how did you work with the outsource teams?

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All competency based example questions of situations faced in prior roles.

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I was given a non traditional segment of drivers for Uber (think retiree's or mothers with young children wanting to work flexible hours) and asked to go through the process of identifying the segment, estimating size and cost for developing a strategy for getting the message out and engaging them.

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