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How comfortable would you feel if you were asked to help in other areas of the business?

1 Answer

Described my previous experience being adaptable to all areas

Pretty standard: asked for a breakdown of job history.

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All logic based testing and multi-choice

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I cant recall,in that instance they weren't well prepared or used to conducting recruitment interviews.

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This was not a traditional type interview it was like meeting for a chat with like minded professionals and we exchanged stories of triumphs and some challenges, I got the usual whats your hardest project and why but then I was asked a really good question about what makes a great workplace for me and surprisingly the answers matched all the benefits and initatives they do already.

One of our values is Integrity. Can you tell us about a time that you have acted with integrity?

Details of your previous experience, knowledge of the company and it's product, knowledge of the market.

Since you have a commerce degree, why did you choose to study construction management for your master's degree?

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