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If the manager asks you to finish a task in 3 days, but you know it is going to take more than a week to finish, what should you do?

2 Answers

negotiate about assignning more resource, including human and/or time.

breakdown the task to more specific estimated one, and show your analysis to him

General skills questions: Technical JS questions, estimating work, frontend techniques, and security concerns about submission of information, etc.

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The code debugging part of the technical interview was difficult because it was their code base which I was not familiar with and they were in the room the whole time, constantly asking me what I was thinking. It wasn't a true test of someone's debugging ability.

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Write a function to calculate to (n)th number of the Fibonacci sequence!

1 Answer

Are you willing to work at Logan Campus

1 Answer

Will ask their project related question

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Q: When can you start?

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What other companies did you apply in the past weeks?

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Write a code to print a linked-list in reverse!

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They asked general skills questions a solid web developer should know. JavaScript, PHP, markup and some items to test your understanding of database structures and API's.

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