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Management Consulting Assistant/Business Analyst was asked...10 January 2016

What do you want to get involved in the consulting industry? (my paraphrased version - can't remember it verbatim)

1 Answers

Well the consulting industry provides a unique opportunity for the future of everyone. They may not even realize how much impact such an important task can cause. To make wrongs right here and then everywhere else is my life’s work. Farming is not for everyone to enjoy! Less


If you were appointed as Managing Director of Harrods and given £10m, what would you do to improve Harrods?

1 Answers

They are testing your business acumen and how you think on your feet. Try to think commercially whilst taking into account Harrods’ uniqueness from other brands. Less

University of Worcester

General questions to how you would approach specific scenarios in higher education vs a commercial environment

1 Answers

I did research on specific challenges in this industry and incorporated those considerations into my answers Less

University of Sydney

About my previous role, which was a pre-sales/PM support position - my manager wanted to know how good I was in coordinating between various departments.

1 Answers

I was focusing on specific stories that showed ability to coordinate even in complex/time-pressured situations. Less


Why should we choose you over others?

1 Answers

Highlight your strengths and skills


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

Talk about your qualifications, your professional experience, hobbies and what makes you tick and stand out from the rest. Less

Credit Suisse

Instead of a BA, would I accept a PMO role as I did not have any Risk experience.

1 Answers

That is an interesting proposition


What did you do during your university?

1 Answers

What have I done with UiPath?

Renaissance Capital

You have 1 flower and 1 pond. Every day, the flower is multiplied by 2 and in 30 days the pond is full. Take now 8 flowers in the pond. How many days you need to fill in the pond?

1 Answers

The number of flowers is increasing accoding to geometric progessin. Thus, the total number of flowers after 30 days is equal to bn = b1*q^(n-1) => b30 = 1*2^29 = 536 870 912. Then, considering that now we have 8 flowers, we, first, divide 536 870 912 by 8, whats is equal to 67 108 864, and, second, we calculate log of 67 108 864 with the base of 2. The final answer is 27. Less


If department A is making more money than department B, does that mean department A is better? What other factors do you have to consider?

1 Answers

The success of department A and B can be judged by revenue only when you take into account other factors, such as size of department, number of staff in each department, what products are being sold (for example is there a fast stock turnover), how well established is each department (when did they open, how well known is the brand etc.). Less

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