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Generator, Decorator in python, Basics of Spark, difference between DataFrame and dataset in spark, what is RDD

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Explained about generator as lazy initialiser and also spoke about the generator as iterator. Decorator at the class level and method level, explaining the concept with example would be impressive

Asked about my experience with DataStage, Agile and how I solved conflict with an example.

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Biggest mistakes, career path thinking, dream job

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There were no questions of the traditional format that would be of interest here. Simply things about past technologies used and the challenges described above.

What is the difference between bagging and boosting?

What experience to you have in environments of large change and how did you cope?

Data modelling,Star Schema and Snowflake Schema, Index, SCD Types

Some basic questions on Scala and Apache Spark.

Don't want to mention. because they are very unprofessional questions. like did you do sth. not deep enough. later i found they don't know as well

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