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Biggest mistakes, career path thinking, dream job

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Be honest about mistakes.

Please use the awswrangler module to create a list of the files in the input folder that are not in the output folder. There is an AWS S3 bucket with two folders. Here is the initial code: import awswrangler as wr input_folder = 's3://mf-pythontest/in' output_folder = 's3://mf-pythontest/out' Using the AWS wrangler module, please create a list of the files in the input folder that are not in the output folders. The Required output is: ['doc_003.parquet']You must use the awswrangler package: will need to have some AWS credentials to access this public bucket. ***TIP*** The solution should have no more than three lines of code

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Generator, Decorator in python, Basics of Spark, difference between DataFrame and dataset in spark, what is RDD

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What is the difference between bagging and boosting?

Data modelling,Star Schema and Snowflake Schema, Index, SCD Types

- tell me about yourself? - Why data engineering? - What experience do you have in python?

What projects have you worked on in the past.

There were no questions of the traditional format that would be of interest here. Simply things about past technologies used and the challenges described above.

- About experienced projects (architecture, used skills, roles ...) - About specific AWS technologies

What experience to you have in environments of large change and how did you cope?

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