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What would you do if someone asked you to do something that you knew was wrong?

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Did you get the role ?


Hey, could you please tell me what kind of group activities were conducted at the Assessment center. Also would there be any pshycometric test there.

The most unexpected question was when I was asked about where I would want to be and where I would see myself in 5 years time.

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What would you do if someone told you to do something that you know is wrong?

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Technical questions on superannuation and insurance

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*Provided more of a random verbal exam which had no scope or context to the questions being asked and he probably wasn't aware but he made some errors in the financial data provided in the questions. *I was mainly asked only open ended questions with no room to elaborate on the question (due to also no scope or context being provided to the question/another error) to show further technical application. *Questions were easy and was informed by another source that interview questions varied (were different) throughout the day which doesn't really make sense if you'd want to accurately assess and compare candidates, they more or less should all be the same question to some extent.

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Your personal experience How do you think about rakuten Can you work both individually and in a team The greatest difficulty that you have met What is your career plan All in Japanese

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Any industry related work experience?

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What was the best advice you ever received?

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Finance Skill Set, Customer Service Experience and Client Relationship background

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What appeals to you about working at a financial data vendor?

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