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Tell us about your similar experiences

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I told them about my experiences and how I dealt with different situations.

What are NBN values.

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Hypothetical questions about behaviour in specific situations.

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How will I ensure I am bonded with my team members who are geographically far away, and what will I do to build the same level of rapport or friendliness as I would with a colleague who is physically in the same office. This was not unexpected or difficult per se but kind of annoying because the whole interview was focused on difficulties and handling worst scenarios with no smile to a positive response.

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Tell me about your the roles you have done?

technical skills scenerio question culture fit questions over all 3 rounds interview as mentioned above. not too easy or too hard I used scenerio questions to cover my tech skills and communications it went through ok as I was in banking before

Have you heard about our company? If yes, then what have you heard?

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