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Describe yourself and your last two projects

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Very well

Draw the system architecture of one of your projects

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1 online test and 2 technical problem solving interview test. The test was very similar to Google

1 Answer

Difference between SOAP and REST

1 Answer

Do you have any questions.

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One of the equipments you tested didn't pass the test. However, the product manager has a deadline to meet, the equipment which wasn't passed will delay this deadline by a few days. He got very angry at you on the phone, he insisted the equipment is not at fault and you made the mistake during testing. What would you do to de-escalate the situation?

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The third question is a bit unexpected. I was spending a lot of time thinking how to write this efficiently, but didn't finish it. I should just write a straight forward one, and try to improve it later.

The white guy is racism. He gave me a test question from out of no where. I think he is a nepotism person who wants to recruit his own network.

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