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  • Introducing Deloitte’s Who We Are podcast! Deloitte’s people experience our culture and live our core values in different ways. Who We Are podcasts bring their remarkable stories to life and celebrates our culture of courage. Join us as we explore how we support each other, our clients, and our communities.

    Who We Are: People and Culture Podcast

    Deloitte's people experience our culture and live our core values in different ways. Who We Are podcasts bring their remarkable stories to life and celebrate our culture of courage. Join us as we explore how we support each other, our clients, and our communities.

  • Check out Deloitte's new Only See Possible campaign, including ads created by Heat running during this weekend’s U.S. Open! This campaign highlights Deloitte’s ability to look at these difficult problems, and only see possible.

    Only See Possible | Deloitte US

    Complex challenges become opportunities when seen through many perspectives. The depth and breadth of Deloitte's disciplines, combined with our ability to form stronger relationships, examine the finest details, and our access to new technology and new ways of working, lets us reveal a new perspective to our clients: One where their world is full of infinite possibilities, and they have an advisor ready to lead the charge and help them take advantage.

  • The USGA's new AR app provides a new, immersive way to enjoy the US Open at Pebble Beach this year. Deloitte played an integral role in developing this augmented reality application. Read more.

    Deloitte and the United States Golf Association (USGA)

    Deloitte is a proud sponsor of and trusted advisor to the United States Golf Association (USGA). Since 2014, we have worked closely with the USGA to help them more effectively pursue their mission, build and deepen engagement in strategic, sustainable ways, and bring fresh ideas and experiences to today's golfers.

  • In a recent discussion, Deloitte chief strategy officer, Steve Goldbach, and consulting principal, Geoff Tuff, reveal why the old business playbooks aren’t working anymore and provide four key principles to compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

    Four Keys to Success in Today's Rapidly Changing Business Climate | Heleo

    "No matter how digital companies become, the most basic economic unit of analysis is still human behavior." READ ON TO DISCOVER: Which concept from Zen Buddhism can help companies innovate Why historical data is overrated How technology is disrupting industries around the world Geoff Tuff is a Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and a senior leader of the Innovation and Applied Design practices.

  • A cautionary tale on ethics: What every CLO needs to know. What can you learn from an ambitious—and successful—lawyer who was sent to prison for losing sight of her values and high ethics standards?

    How to Encourage Ethical Behavior in Your Organization

    Rashmi Airan graduated from Columbia Law School with honors, worked for several major law firms and corporations, and by 2004, was the managing partner of the law firm she founded. On December 19, 2014, she pled guilty to a general conspiracy count in federal court. It was surreal and excruciatingly painful.

  • The rapid advancement of digital reality has ushered in a new age of storytelling for many brands. As technology often blurs the line between storyteller and listener, Deloitte's new report explores how marketers can use digital reality to their advantage.

    A new age of storytelling

    BRAND marketers know emotional connection can drive business results and that good storytelling can be key to building emotional connections. Since time immemorial, stories have been at the core of our human experience, the tool we use to shape our identities and make sense of events and the world around us.

  • As companies adapt in the fourth industrial revolution, and the “what, who, where” of work changes, many people may wonder if they’re turning into the corporate version of an appendix—unnecessary and obsolete. Deloitte US chief talent officer, Mike Preston, provides insights on the future of work and how to keep up with change.

    Everything we know about work is changing. Here's how to adapt

    Evolution is never a smooth process. Think of your appendix: It lost its job generations ago as our bodies evolved. It may not be needed now, but it can still cause a great deal of pain, generally at the least convenient time.

  • In an environment where change is the only constant, a leader’s ability to motivate and inspire is especially critical to creating a positive culture and driving teams to succeed. Learn six key principles of leadership to help you stay on your feet from Deloitte Tax CEO, Steve Kimble.

    Staying on your feet: Six key principles of leadership

    A leader I admire, General Stanley A. McChrystal, once said, "Leadership is very hard.

  • Alongside Deloitte’s Military Spouse Initiative (MSI) community, we are excited to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

    Military Spouse Initiative | Deloitte US Careers

    Quiana Downie's career path has been a journey full of twists, turns, and pivots. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, her first career was as a Wall Street investment banker in NYC. After the Great Recession drastically changed the industry, she relocated to Nashville to start anew.

  • Many will experience a mental illness in their life or know someone who will. How can you create a workplace culture that breaks down stigma and encourages open and honest conversations about mental health? For Mental Health Awareness month, Deloitte and Thrive Global have launched “Your mind at work,” a special section with insights on making mental health a priority in in the workplace.

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