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  • It's been tested, demonstrated and proven time and time again through incredibly successful endeavors, that group culture is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. A collection of committed individuals focused on a common cause, who feel safe and secure and have each other's backs is an unstoppable force. For nearly four years now Brandon Cornett has felt that power and he's busy putting what he's experienced to good use, as a Field Sales Leader for USHEALTH Advisors. Brandon just surpassed $4 million in personal production and has issued more than $11 million as a team leader. Results matter, and while the numbers are important, for Brandon it's focusing on the human component, the culture code that gets him going, especially because he's experienced the exact opposite. Full Article:

  • It's an enlightening moment when you realize that your future does not lie in front of you, it is already inside you. Little by little Kaley Kallman is manifesting the future she already possesses - because even as a teenager, she knew she was built for more. "I've worked hard since I was 15-years-old," says Kaley. "I started as a hostess at a restaurant. I was really into earning money, not to just earn money, but for the reason of working toward being independent. Then I became a server and when I got older, eventually a bartender. But even though I was doing that and going to college for a general studies degree, I didn't feel fulfilled, I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Then this guy came into the bar and he told me about n opportunity. He invited me to learn more. The rest is history." Full Article:

  • USHEALTH Group is honored to receive a Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year in the Large Insurance Company category for the third year in a row!

  • What it all comes down to is Bri Atchison likes people. She says it’s simply part of who she is, talking with people, helping people, keeping them positive and leading them down a path, teaching them to help themselves. Bri currently serves as a Satellite Division Sales Leader with USHA in St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida. She says it’s all about other people and says she comes to that mindset naturally, because of how much she learned from her dad. Full Article:

  • HOPE 2020 - USHA Deerfield, FL office volunteered and donated to Feeding South Florida. "In the middle of a pandemic we were able to give back sorry for the photo we need to be apart great time appreciate all of these agents!" Kelvin Vasquez

  • “Did I leave a positive mark? Did I do something good for everyone around me?” – Jaime Goldstein It’s a question we should all ask of ourselves, did we leave someone or some situation better than we found it? For Jaime Goldstein, this has always been his goal, leave a touch of gold wherever he goes. “Overall in business, in my career, every place I have been I feel like I’ve left a pretty good mark,” says Jaime. “I could go back two jobs ago if I wanted to and be accepted because I feel like I’ve always been able to leave with a good name. It’s the same thing here at USHEALTH Advisors. If I were to leave in 20 years from now I want to look back and answer the question, did I leave a positive mark?” Jaime says part of his desire to be more, to give more, comes from watching a very important person in his life – his father – who shared golden nuggets that still resonate with Jaime in all that he does. Full Article:

  • We are proud to announce our friend, our leader and our CEO, Troy McQuagge, has been awarded a Gold Stevie Lifetime Achievement Award. Troy is just one of the many reasons our employees, agents and leaders call USHEALTH Group home! Congratulations, Troy!

  • “For too many people good enough is generally good enough. But it’s important to remember that the option exists. If you wish to become significantly better at something, you can.” – Anders Ericsson, Peak For Yasmine Behroyan there is no such thing as good enough. It’s always been and always will be about trying to be the best. Her desire and her drive comes from her foundation, the formative years she spent with her family, where failure was not an option. The expectation was striving for success in all your endeavours. “My sister and I grew up in a very strict household,” says Yasmine. “My dad is from Iran, my mom is from Wisconsin. My dad’s culture is very strict, you do what you’re supposed to do – no dating, no drinking, no partying. I didn’t go to any parties in high school. If you got a bad grade, you got in trouble. But it led to success - Full Article:

  • A Place to Call Home - Decide what to do with your life. Decide to do what you love.” – Marc Allen, The Millionaire Course For Adam Winter, the decision of what to do with his life was not an easy one. There were many stops along the way and too many opportunities that didn’t turn out the way he hoped. That’s par for the course for many people. From job to job to job – searching for a place to call home. The road can be a long one. For Adam, the road seemed impossible, in fact, it was so tough, it made him want to hit the streets. Not only hit the streets, but literally sit in the middle of one, all alone. It was just Adam, a table and a sign along the highway in Boca Raton, Florida that read: College Graduate Needs a Job. “I was a graduate and I needed work,” says Adam. “I had resumes attached to the table and I sat there most of the day. I did it two to three times, then a TV news station came along and filmed it. Full Article:

  • Ordinary to Extraordinary - It only takes one day, or one moment to change your life. For Lisa O’Brien and her husband Joe, it was only hours after they experienced the miracle of life for the second time. Shortly after their son Ethan was born, a little text would change the course of their lives. Full Article:

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