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If mike travels 1.7 miles and joe travels 1.8 miles and then sally travels twice their distances combined divided by two then how many meters did sally travel ?

3 Answers

That I was being interviewed in a country that uses the metric system and guessed a multiple choice answer.

Not sure why the imperial system tripped you up if that was the question as if they used 1.7 km and 1.8 km respectively the actual number as an answer is the same.... it's just a maths question... unless they asked you to memorise the conversion from miles to km.

I assume you have not noticed that they begin the question using miles and then ask for an answer in meters, so yes you had to know how to convert from miles to meters.

one question on difference between primary and unique key & difference between drop and truncate

2 Answers

What do you know about the company

1 Answer

Quite inquisitive around previous job experience and learnings from that, leadership, safety etc.

1 Answer

When is a time you have shown leadership?

1 Answer

What problems do you see with the department? What's your 20 day plan?

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What things have you built on top of

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Describe a technical project that you've worked on

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How would you query a table in SQL to find the number of customer records with some criteria?

1 Answer

Coding test covering Databases, Javascript, Design, SQL, Node, C++, Data structures. Face to face would be Project and People Management, Software Engineering questions, Architecture and Design

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