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They asked questions that did not pertain to the job, the owners spoke more about themselves and their issues, they asked about my personal life which made me uncomfortable

12 Answers

I told them politely that my personal life was my own, and had no impact on my ability to perform my duties.

Sounds about right!


Tell me about a time when you managed the customer expectation in a large change program

2 Answers

Why sandvik

1 Answer

Process to take a new feature to market

1 Answer

My knowledge and experience in managing Insides Sales teams across multiple stakeholders.

1 Answer

How many vendors do you deal with

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Our values are .... How have you demonstrated this value in your previous work? What do you know about our current / most recent achievements? Description of a scenario related a skill, ie decision making, problem solving, etc.; followed by how have you demonstrated this skill in a previous role.

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Which football team do you support?

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I signed NDA hence can't disclose

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What are you currently earning?

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