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There were two rounds. Written exam and personal interview 1. written test has majorly ISTQB questions. total 18 questions. Level of difficulty is easy but there is never enough time to answer all the questions. duration of exam - 50 minutes. Its a paper based exam, hence not enough space to write answers even if you want to write more. It seemed more like a history exam in school, as the marks are based on how much you write. 2. Personal Interview: Questions asked were mainly behavioral. The guy who interviewed me was not even looking at me, while asking questions. As I was answering it, he was busy writing down whatever I was saying on a piece of paper. I am pretty sure he did not even make an attempt in understanding whatever i was explaining : the concepts, examples, processes, etc. He was not able to write down even 10% of what I said. ( FYI: my English and communication skills are above average)

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He was only asking whatever was in the paper. For anything I answered, he said ok and moved on to the next question, as if he was not interested in anything I was saying. Very unhappy that such a big consultancy who interview so many people, are still stuck with a paper based exam and have inexperienced staff to interview skilled people.

Hi Pooja Doshi (yes it was easy to work out who this comment was made by), We are more than disappointed with this poor feedback given that you turned up late for the exam and interview with no apology, were rude to reception and also senior staff within the office, lacked maturity and understanding, had zero knowledge of the company (Planit) that you were being interviewed for, were poorly dressed considering you were attending an interview, were not flexible on travel albeit interviewing for a consultancy business who have clients all around VIC and finally lacked any depth of knowledge in any answers to questions asked. Thanks and good luck with your continued job search, Kris

There were no questions. Because no fancy skills were needed - just smarts to get a job done under pressure.

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How long have you been working as a Test Analyst?

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What would you be doing whilst you are waiting for code deployment on the test environment?

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Telephonic Interview Questions: (20 mins) -Why do you want to move to NZ? - Why do you want to work with Assurity? - How do you manage Defects? - Experience in Agile - Difference between Verification and Validation Technical Interview: (60 mins) All questions were mostly raised from the technical details mentioned on the CV. They went by scanning each line on my cv and questioning the details. - Agile work experience - How do you prepare defect strategy - What is entry, exit, suspension and resumption criteria - How do you prepare Test Plan - How do you approach testing process from the beginning to the finish - Example of low severity and high priority defect handling - What do you know about NZ I think they were trying to get someone with advanced technical skills in terms of automation testing with good SQL.

How do you prioritise your tasks when you have multiple tasks requiring the same attention

Could not remember the exact questions but basically going through the CV and behavioral questions based on it

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