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How many 9's of availability are required?

3 Answers

For what?

As many 9's as the customer wants it to be!

S3 data storage 99.99% for Standard 99.9% for Standard - Infrequent Access 99.99% for Reduced Redundancy Storage 99.999999999% for Durability

Q: Can you describe the traffic/packet flow for a 3-tier application running on a modern secure hosted infrastructure.

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What is CD?

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What is "MQTT"?

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1 Answer

Brief introduction , then straight in the both general and specific questions. I believe they were brain raping to pick ideas from other companies, I don't believe they have clear understanding what they are up-to.

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If I was willing to travel and manage/arrange my times at home having to know I a new baby was on the way.

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Questions were routine and predictable.

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How would I approach a legacy system?

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