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Present a project that you've worked on

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Hi, I would like to know more about the coding test, did you finish it in one hour? How many questions? I receive 5 questions too, I applied as graduate program as well and I haven't any MCQ questions, just coding tasks and 1 hour was not enought time.

I am interested that how did you reply during the phone interview so that finally they invited you to do in-person interview?

Did you finish all the five programs in the first round?

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What are they things you need to look at when you make an object as key of a Map

3 Answers

1. What is the differences between interface and abstract base class in term of design

2 Answers

Tell me about youself. Why you leave your last job.

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What's the difference between a String and a StringBuffer

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Telephone: what is internal class? what is new in Java 8? pick a design pattern to explain. what is inversion of control? difference between caller and runnable? what is closable in Java 7? What would like to enchance about Java. Name any software development trend.

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I will describe the Peer programming exercise in more detail. It is already covered off in other posts about the event management system, but click on answer for more details.

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Face to face interview - [Case study - group programming - coding/technical test ] Complete a partially completed REST API - the rest api consumes response from another rest api and produces a modified json response. Write appropriate logger statements, exception handling - adding the correct annotations(@controlleradvice and @exception handling) , calling the appropriate public methods and passing the right arguments in the public method of the custom exception class, Integrate with another REST API - using rest template to connect to another rest api and get the response and Object mapping (map the response object from other rest api to the response object of your api), Tools used - InteliJ, Swagger. you are allowed to google

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Code a solution to one of current's Atlassian problems

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How would I approach a legacy system?

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