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Why are manhole covers round

3 Answers

There is no right or wrong answer here. The hiring manager is trying to understand the thought process you go through to answer a question.

They're round because, given that they have bevelled edges, that shape makes it impossible to drop the cover down the hole.

They are round because the shaft that you descend into, after removing the manhole cover, is round.

Describe a difficult situation that you had with a customer and how you resolved it?

1 Answer

Q: What is the tough situation you have faced in your previous jobs and how did you overcome it? Q: What is the Proud moment in your career? Q: Why did you apply for this role at Red Hat? Q: What areas you have worked in OpenStack? Q: What kind of clustering you will use in OpenStack? Q: What kind of Deployment you used and what are various kinds of deployments available? Q: How services communicate in OpenStack? Q: How do you look at yourself in 5-10 years down the lane?

Behavioral assessment was done first. After that, a test of around 35 questions ranging from Basic IP networking, Linux questions, Microsoft Active Directory, and some basic networking troubleshooting questions.

Explain in detail what happens when you connect a computer to a network.

1. database upgrade process 2. how to troubleshooting problem.

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