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Technical support engineer Interview Questions


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Why are manhole covers round

3 Answers

There is no right or wrong answer here. The hiring manager is trying to understand the thought process you go through to answer a question.

They're round because, given that they have bevelled edges, that shape makes it impossible to drop the cover down the hole.

They are round because the shaft that you descend into, after removing the manhole cover, is round.

They do not ask in so many words, but it boils down to "they are right" (never mind what).

1 Answer

How much are you getting in your current salary?

1 Answer

About my previous experiences

2 Answers

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Company values.

1 Answer

I was asked to clarify networking communication behaviors

1 Answer

The key thing was experience and how situations were managed. The role is very customer focused so I believe they were very interested on how situations were managed in the past

1 Answer

Proctored cognitive aptitude online tests

1 Answer

Process of boot explain like always whay would you like be in redhat

1 Answer

What Linux command can be used to find information of running processes and how to kill any process?

1 Answer
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