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What would you do if someone asked you to do something that you knew was wrong?

7 Answers

Did you get the role ?


Hey, could you please tell me what kind of group activities were conducted at the Assessment center. Also would there be any pshycometric test there.

SQL Test

4 Answers

There were two rounds. Written exam and personal interview 1. written test has majorly ISTQB questions. total 18 questions. Level of difficulty is easy but there is never enough time to answer all the questions. duration of exam - 50 minutes. Its a paper based exam, hence not enough space to write answers even if you want to write more. It seemed more like a history exam in school, as the marks are based on how much you write. 2. Personal Interview: Questions asked were mainly behavioral. The guy who interviewed me was not even looking at me, while asking questions. As I was answering it, he was busy writing down whatever I was saying on a piece of paper. I am pretty sure he did not even make an attempt in understanding whatever i was explaining : the concepts, examples, processes, etc. He was not able to write down even 10% of what I said. ( FYI: my English and communication skills are above average)

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How did you overcome a previous situation in which you were under heavy stress?

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What makes you suitable for this role

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What would you do if you won the lottery.

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What separates you from other candidates with the same qualifications/capabilities?

1 Answer

Where do you see the OCR going within the next 6 months (3min to answer)

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They asked of my experience in analysing complex problems and finding solutions.

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6- How do you deal with the change in your location , people who you work with?

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