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Why are manhole covers round

3 Answers

There is no right or wrong answer here. The hiring manager is trying to understand the thought process you go through to answer a question.

They're round because, given that they have bevelled edges, that shape makes it impossible to drop the cover down the hole.

They are round because the shaft that you descend into, after removing the manhole cover, is round.

How long will it take for an unsigned 64 bit counter to overflow on a xxx ghz machine and another coding problem that requires recursive programming.

2 Answers

System design. Given a vague problem that sees some user uploaded data being decomposed and recomposed, design the compute mechanism with some performance guarantees.

1 Answer

Design a ATM type of system. Developed a springboot service and withdrawal and deposit and show balance in ATM machine as well.

1 Answer

Python. Given a minimal user content publishing framework, optimize it.

1 Answer

Python. Given a skeleton of the data model, implement the CRUD functionality.

1 Answer

developing a microservice

1 Answer

What was the overall interview experience like?

1 Answer

The initial question about path manipulation was both confusingly broad, and too low-level.

1 Answer

Define the whole architecture of CSG?

1 Answer
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