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What can we do to sell you on Accenture? and How do you deal with a difficult client?

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The first question threw me as I wasn't expecting it! This was in the final interview, which I didn't think went well but apparently it did. The second question, I wasn't sure what the right answer was. I said be firm but fair, stand my ground.

Why do you want to work for us?

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Group interview: Project recommendation presentation favours great communicators.

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what are the time complexity of linked list on search/insert/delete

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how to check if a linked list is circular

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There an old database and now they want to use a new database. How should migration happen without affecting users.

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In physical interview: Case interview, standard personality tests - they prod for things you exemplify that fit their values (stewardship etc.) - hone down on these and you'll be fine.

Questions about why I want to work at Accenture and whether I am able to cope with their environment and culture.

What do you see yourself doing day-to-day.

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N/A - questions were stock standard and behavioural questions can be prepared for.

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